Frequently Asked Question

Below are just some of the most frequently asked questions about our massage services. Please feel free to reach out to us if you need help or if you have any other questions. We are here to assist in any way.

No. It also depends on the type of massage you are getting and you can remove as much clothing as you feel comfortable with.

Yes. The only areas that need to be uncovered will be the ones that the therapist is working on.

Your massage therapist will massage the areas at the strength that you feel comfortable with. You can choose from a soft touch to a firm and hard pressure.

There are many types of massages depending on the nature of your injuries or your level of relaxation. Our services page can help explain and help you choose the right massage for you.

During your massage you will be able to relax but you will want to listen and do as your therapist instructs.

If you feel sick or believe you may have COVID-19, please do not come in. Masks are not required but if you feel comfortable you are always welcome to wear a mask. If you would like to have your therapists wear a mask, just ask and your therapist will wear one during the session.

Ask your massage therapist if you have any questions or if you have any concerns. Also consult your doctor before booking your appointment.

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